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Who are we? 

We are student co-researchers who are part of the 2nd photovoice cohort for the Using Our Voices to Transform HSIs research project. Our cohort chose the name Songs of the Hummingbird.

We are 6 Latine undergraduates from various departments on campus; all of us are 1st generation, a majority of us are transfer students. 

What is photovoice?

Photovoice is a research methodology. We have used this methodology as part of our project. As part of this method research participants engage in cycles of taking photographs related to the research questions and engaging in critical discussions about those photos as they relate to the project goals. 


The three major aims of photovoice are:

  • allow participants to document their lives on their own terms;

  • to raise critical consciousness among participants; and

  • to create positive change through reaching out to decision-makers using the photographs and research project.

Our Process

We met every Friday for 3 hours throughout the fall 2023 semester. We began the process learning about photovoice, ethics and team-building.

We conducted 7 rounds of photovoice. In each round student co-researchers took photographs in response to specific prompts. Together the research team engaged in critical discussions about the photographs as they related to our project aim. We then determined the next session’s prompt.

We generated 54 photos across the 7 sessions.

We conducted the first seven rounds back-to-back. After the 7th round of photovoice we engaged in pile-sorting where we split into smaller groups to sort the photos into thematic piles. Each group presented their thematic groups and we collectively engaged in identifying a final set of themes, representative photos and wrote narratives for the themes.


We have presented our findings to the campus community in April 2024 during a 1-day exhibit and presentation.

MCV exhibit 2 22_edited.jpg
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