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What is a

Hispanic Serving Institution?

A Hispanic Serving Institution, or HSI, is a designation provided by the federal government to not-for-profit institutions of higher education whose undergraduate student enrollment is 25% or more Hispanic; see the federal definition here


This designation is defined in Title V of the Higher Education Act. The designation does provide institutions with guidance on how to best serve students. Colleges and universities designated as HSIs can apply to Title V and Title III, Part A grants as well as other government funding sources that prioritize HSIs, such as the National Science Foundation's Hispanic Serving Institutions program.  

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Our Context: Sac State

  • As of 2023, Sacramento State enrolls approximately 36% Latinx undergraduate students.

  • Sac State was designated a HSI in 2015.​

Our Context: The California State University (CSU) System

  • 21 of the 23 CSU campuses are designated HSIs​.

  • CSU system has awarded 63% of the total number of bachelor's degrees earned by Latinx students in California​.

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Learn more about HSIs


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