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Our Project

This project explores Latinx student perceptions of “servingness” at Sacramento State, a Hispanic Serving Institution, and aims to interrogate how university policies, programs and practices support Latinx student success.

The project is driven by the following research questions: 

  • How do Latinx we, as students. perceive Sacramento State, our Hispanic Serving Institution, as serving us? 

  • How we, as Latinx students, define student success?

  • How can institutional elements and the campus environment better serve Latinx students? 

The project is supported by the College Futures Foundation and Sacramento State's Office of Institutional Research, Effectiveness, and Planning. 

Project Overview
Project Overview.png

Project Team

The project is led by Dr. Amber Gonzalez at California State University, Sacramento (Sac State) and Dr. Kevin Ferreira van Leer at the University of Connecticut (UConn). The project leadership includes a graduate research assistant, Maria Razo-Soto. 

The project includes Latine undergraduate co-researchers from Sac State. Initially, 14 student co-researchers composed of two cohorts: "Mariposas con Voces" and "Songs of the Hummingbird," completed a photovoice research process. Members of each cohort then came together to develop a survey which examined how the themes they identified during the photovoice process generalize to the larger Latinx undergraduate student body. 

See the team members in the accompanying image and more about the research team by clicking here.

Sac State Advisory Board

  • Dan Carsel, Director of Health Services 

  • Ronald Lutz, Director of Counseling Services 

  • Berenice Espitia, EOP Senior Lead: EOP Transitional Programs/Coordinator 

  • Julie Figueroa, Professor, Ethnic Studies 

  • Adabel Franco, Assistant Director, Financial Aid Office 

  • Samuel Jones, Executive Director, University Housing Services 

  • Erik Ramirez, Director of Equity and Affinity Centers 

  • Steven Salcido, Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management & Student Services 

  • Mia Settles-Tidwell, Vice President for Inclusive Excellence & University Diversity Officer 

  • James “Jim” Dragna, Executive Director, University Initiatives and Student Success 

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