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Where are the resources we pay for?

There are many resources here, but students may feel overwhelmed because they do not find what they need or are not aware of opportunities they can take advantage of. This is true regardless of if they are new or have been pursuing academic journey for more time.


Access to resources depends on the following: 

  • Student exposure to resources 

  • Colleges and majors have different resources, such as tutoring or internships. 

  • Stigma around certain resources, such as counseling services or CARES ASI Food Pantry, sometimes students are afraid to ask.


It can be difficult to use some of the resources because we don’t always know how to find them or they are hidden to us. We have the Sac State app, Canvas, and the website - too many places, where do we go to find resources? 


Although Sac State offers a lot resources they need to have more exposure so that we can reach and access them.

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