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Hustle Culture

It feels like we make school our whole life and it is chaotic and overwhelming. University initiatives like finish in four, push us to make impulsive decisions and push us out. It is a bit much and we forget that we are more than just students. We forget that it is okay to be unproductive and not just be a student. This university reinforces this when you get penalized if you do not graduate the year you claim. In our culture we hustle and don’t take breaks or prioritize mental health. We put a lot on our plate and it’s natural to be really busy. It’s not natural to not do anything - that makes us feel lazy. We are so busy we don’t pause and appreciate ourselves and our accomplishments. No matter how hard the outside world is on us, we still rise, we overcome, we succeed, we push through. There are many unspoken obstacles that try to take us down.

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